Managed Services

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Managed Services provided by AddOptimization

Opting for Managed Services involves entrusting an external service provider with your IT infrastructure. At AddOptimization, we offer support and management for all or part of your system, irrespective of the size of your company.

Our Managed Services solution is a flexible, efficient and cost-effective way of outsourcing your IT infrastructure, leaving you free to focus on your core business. Our approach involves using cloud monitoring and operational management services; it’s time to enjoy the same services and solutions when it comes to your IT infrastructure that the very biggest companies do.


Why should I outsource my IT infrastructure?

  • Reliable and efficient IT
    Our employees work day-in, day-out to guarantee that everything is running smoothly with regards to your IT, ensuring that there are no service interruptions in relation to software, materials or human resources.
  • Highly secure IT
    We know how important IT security is for your company. That’s why we protect your servers, whether they're physical or cloud-based, using the most-efficient tools, the best methodologies and the best practices, all of which are tailored to meet your requirements.
  • Easy contact with AddOptimization team
    Through our project team, we are able to offer you access to experts who can assist you with specific issues or support you with the digital transformation of your company via migration projects or the deployment of new solutions. This results in enhanced efficiency for you, giving you access to a unique partner for all of your IT needs.
  • Control your costs
    With experts in charge of all of your IT needs, you will be able to control your costs while retaining a clear vision of your IT expenses. With our team of experts entirely at your disposal, you will have no need to have these resources internally.
  • Focus on your core business
    Outsourcing your IT will allow you to concentrate on what you know best, your trade, and to devote all of your human resources to less technical tasks.